Adjusting a Srixon Z-Star Driver
I liked the Srixon Z-Star right out of the box. I get such a good feel off the club face and a great feel with the shaft. Better distance, feel, and consistency, the three most important aspects of a driver and the Z-Star driver gave me all of them. I then started with the adjustments to further refine the club for my swing. The driver allows you to change so many aspects of the club. I set the loft to 9.0 then started in the with the trajectory, I wanted a little more draw and found that is was easy to dial it in. Once I had the club set where I wanted it, I copied down the settings and went on to with the adjustments just to see what differences they would make. Almost every change resulted in a noticeable difference.

Then the iPhone app came out, very cool. It would walk you through setting up the driver in detail. The app had some videos of golf tips and other aspects of the game. It also had what they called weather fit, on the day of the round if the weather was acting up, you could adjust the weight accordingly (and check the weather out too). They plan on adding more to the app, like fitting the proper ball. All in all, a very nice addition to the fitting process.

The Srixon Z-Star is now in my bag...

Brandon Pedersen
Countryside Country Club