Srixon Z-STAR Drive Review
Srixon Z-STAR Driver
Rankmark Line

Low Handicap
One of the top clubs for sound, the Srixon ZSTAR, is one of the more interesting of the adjustable clubs. A new fitting program is on its way for smart phones so you can adjust the club for the conditions on the day you are playing.

Average Handicap
Looks, feel and accuracy were the strong points of this club for average handicap golfers. They also liked the sound which was the highest mark for this club.

Manufacturer Description

The Srixon Z-STAR driver features the STAR Fitting System(TM) which enables you to independently adjust face angle and the internal weighting of the clubhead. The face angle adjustment helps you produce more accurate shots. Fine tuning the internal weighting with the different weight options will optimize your desired ball trajectory and swing weight. The STAR fitting system allows up to 84 possible configurations per loft offering for the ultimate in custom club fitting. The Z-STAR driver also features Starburst(TM) variable face design, which enlarges the driver's high COR area by 5 percent, providing added distance and forgiveness. This new driver features a Miyazaki(TM) Dromos(TM) shaft, which is the first premium custom shaft designed specifically for adjustable clubs.

Suggested Retail Price: $399.99
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Members Comments...

I just used this drive for the first time today, WOW!!! I am a 16 handicap golfer and before today I was using a Hibore Monster Driver which I would struggle to get 200 yards on a drive. The first time I hit the Z Star Driver I got 240 yards, and every drive was 200 or more yards with the 11 grams in the rear and the 03 grams in the front and the face set to N. to get the hight that I was looking for. I would recommend this adjustable driver to anyone who is have problems with the flight patttern of the current driver.

One of the best I ever hit. Very long with great rollout, and the fiting system is excellent. 3 of my friends who hit mine were ready to buy one.